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Xiaomi Mi 5S 4GB RAM – Some time ago, Xiaomi, re-introduce new Xiaomi Mi 5S 4GB RAM is planned as a “flagship killer” phone for products from other brands. This Smartphone comes with two different variants, which is a variant of 3/64 and RAM 4/128GB variants.

Xiaomi Mi 5S 4GB RAM was introduced as the successor to the previous 5 Mi series. With all the advantages and improvements that are different themes, will sure be Xiaomi shake Asian market with its flagship phone. This smartphone is already carrying high-class processor Qualcomm Snapdragon, viz. 821, which will improve performance.

Feature Xiaomi Mi 5S 4GB RAM 128GB ROM Snapdragon 821 2.15GHz

Review Xiaomi Mi 5S 4GB RAM Flagship Killer

Design Xiaomi Mi 5S 4GB RAM

The charm of the design of Xiaomi Mi 5S 4GB RAM is indeed cannot be denied. This phone has a unibody design with a metal frame on the entire outer part. On to the four corners, this will make the phone stay comfortable gripped even though with one hand.

The premium impression of this mobile phone increasingly feels when seeing the antenna on the top and bottom of the back. This is very similar to the design of Apple iPhone antenna line 7. On the right, there is the power button and the volume up and down, to the left there is a SIM tray to insert the SIM card. While at the bottom of the speaker and mic holes placed, and USB ports in between.

Looking at this phone from the front it certainly isn’t boring. At the top of the screen, there is a front camera lens, sensors, and mic for vent call. While at the bottom of the screen, we can find two capacitive buttons with the home button in its Center, which serves also as a fingerprint. The back of the plain, there is only the lens of the camera and flashlight, as well as the logo of the noodles on the bottom.

Screen and interface, and Software

The screen size of this mobile phone includes a very fitting to the size of the hand gripped the Asian people in General. With 5.15 inches, the thin bezel on the left and right, make the dimensions of this mobile phone can be pressed in size not too large. Don’t forget Full HD screen resolution has also pinned to sharpen the look. The strength of the screen of this phone also had no need to doubt thanks for featuring Corning Gorilla Glass 4.

For software and interface, this phone has been already adopting Android 6.0.1 which combined with MIUI 8.2. Xiaomi also provides a theme that can be replaced by its users.


Not long ago Xiaomi has just released their newest UI, namely MIUI 9, and reportedly Xiaomi Mi 5S 4GB RAM will go first to be able to taste the MIUI 9.

Although the user interface belongs to Xiaomi known wasteful will use RAM, this certainly will not affect much, because this phone already bears the RAM for 3 and 4GB.

As mobile phone crime Xiaomi, Redmi 5s also features dual apps already and the second room. Features dual apps allow cloning the desired application so that users will be able to use two accounts at once in one application is available. While the second space is the space of the smartphone for other purposes. In other words, the user will have space 2 in 1 smartphone.

This phone also features dual SIM slot and a micro SD hybrid type. So, the user must select will use 2 SIM cards simultaneously, or use the SIM slot micro SD slot as 2. This isn’t including cell phone problems because right now it mostly indeed brings the hybrid SIM.

4G LTE connectivity Cat12 takes part in this cell phone pinned speed access reach 600 Mbps and upload of 150 Mbps.

Battery life and performance

Although working with battery capacity 3100mAh battery durability, but this phone does not need to doubt. This phone is capable of keeping up battery performance Redmi Note 4 which has a larger battery, i.e. 4100mAh.

The battery only 3100mAh has been able to last for 48 hours with normal use. Features fast charging any embedded makes this phone the more perfect since it does not need to take a long time to recharge the battery.

When changing from one application to another application, the phone feels very smooth and never constrained lag. With the latter he carried processor, this phone will certainly be very reliable for extreme usage though.

Camera and Video

Compared with the previous 5 Mi series, this phone has decreased resolution the camera he carried. If the Mi 5 using the lens size 16 MP, then Mi 5S this only has a resolution of 12 MP cameras for the camera back and 4 MP for sectors of the front camera.

Although carrying the camera belongs to resolution is low, but the ability of this phone in taking a photo is reliable With dual tone features LED flash, this phone is able to capture an object with the details clearly in low light conditions though.

This smartphone is also equipped with video recording capability up to 4K resolution at 30 fps. Features dual tone LED Flash can also be used when recording video to produce the video more clear, although at a less lighting conditions.

Although not the best in its class, the phone is still very reliable for the sector of the camera. Remember this phone is not a brand that is too oriented toward the camera, and the price is not too expensive, this camera phone is already more than enough.

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