The Best 5 Video Chat Application For Android 2017

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As we know that currently there is countless Video Chat Application for Android. It is supported by a wide range of applications both can already support video calls. Although there are many video chat applications that we can use, not all have good quality.

Some applications frequently chat we find every day indeed not all feature video chat. Like the kneeling WhatsApp features previously not a video call. But after the video call feature is becoming a trend, then the bandwagon to also bring WhatsApp features video chat.

Since it first launched a few years ago, applications chat features only chatting WA-based text messages. After the android phones start developing, then many developers WhatsApp add voice calls, which is then followed by a video call.

The Best 5 Video Chat Application for Android 2017

Best 5 Video Chat Application For Android

Phone calls via video, or commonly referred to as video call indeed become one the advantages of Android phones. Because of only smartphones, which can be used to make video calls. Although it must be supported by additional applications, which enables video call can be made.

For more details, let’s take a look together with a list of 5 best android video call applications, which allows us to do video calls.

1. Facebook Messenger

Video call applications that there is currently a Facebook Messenger first. Because the default Facebook application is quite a lot of users, especially the owners of the Facebook account. This video chat application not only can be used to chat via text message or a voice. But Facebook is developing this application so much better, so it can be used to do video calls.

Download Facebook Messenger

2. Google Duo

The second video chat application is the Google Duo. As we know, this application is video call application developed by Google. When Google Allo can only be used to chat via text message, and cannot be used for voice calls. Then Google the Duo into a compliment, because this android video chat application, can be used for voice call and video call as well.

Download Google Duo

3. Google Hangouts

Other chat applications from Google, which could be used to make the video call in android is Google’s Hangouts. The advantages of this chat application, among others, can be integrated with SMS features that are contained in our smartphones. So with just one application we can do chat or send SMS. As well as being able to do video call and voice call.

Download Google Hangouts

4. Skype

Skype is also a video chat application that also allows us to do a voice call or video call. By using this chat application we can also perform a group video call, voice call or jointly to two or more other Skype users.

Download Skype

5. WhatsApp

The last video chat application is WhatsApp, which in the beginning had said already had we discussed. WA is indeed becoming a chat application popular enough, since the early years of the publication of the smartphone era to the present. Almost all smartphone users definitely use WhatsApp application. Not long ago the developer also has added features for video call, the video chat application.

Download WhatsApp

That’s a list of 5 Best Video Chat Application for Android that you can use to decorate your day in interacting with friends and family. If you have another list please don’t hesitate to let us know via the comments field below. Thank you

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