Best Free Facebook Games For Android

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Best Free Facebook Games For Android – Facebook not only serves as the social media only. Many other features which are available on Facebook. One is the games, which many developers are interested in exporting to the game on Facebook.

best free facebook games for android

Among a large number of Facebook games, there are some very famous Facebook games. Because of its popularity it, make any developer wanting to export it to the Android OS. Then what is the Facebook games can be played on Android? Here’s the list.

Best Free Facebook Games For Android

1. Criminal Case

A criminal Case is a mystery game which is very popular on Facebook, and very many Facebook users who play it. Now the Criminal Case also you can already play in the HP Android tablets.

Download Criminal Case

2. Dragon City

Dragon City is an artificial Social game Point. Since the first lyric on Facebook, this game has been very popular and get positive feedback from players. Shortly thereafter, eventually Social Point ever made and released for Android.

Download Dragon City

3. Monster Legends

Still, from the same publisher with the Dragon City, Monster Legends is a series of strategy games similar to the Dragon City. But the difference between a Monster Legends takes the theme of monsters.

Download Monster Legends

4. Dead Trigger

Dead Trigger Facebook FPS games are the most famous. With the theme of Zombies, this game became a popular game on Facebook. With the popularity of it also makes Madfinger Games released an Android version of the Dead version of the Trigger.

Download Dead Tiger

5. Ninja Saga

Ninja Saga is a very well known RPG game on Facebook. With the theme of this game, Ninja tries to launch its Android version. Unfortunately, experienced a failure in Ninja Saga version of Android.

It is well known that Best Free Facebook Games For Android version, hopefully useful! Don’t forget to leave a trace in the comments field below.

Download Ninja Saga

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