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Equalizer+ Android Music Player Applications – Equalizer+ is a standard Android music player and you have to have to listen to your favorite music. This music player application will improve the quality of the sound volume. Equalizer + player is a music track with the power frequency of the equalizer.

Adjust the frequency with which you like to track and save presets. applications the Equalizer allows you to control + 5 different frequency band with remarkable effect. You can filter for each of the best display in the music option. One unique feature that may be owned by the developer’s other music applications namely Bass Booster. This will reinforce the bass sound on any music that you play. You can also visualize the sound with a spectrum display directly available from the application of this + Equalizer.

Features Equalizer+ Android Music Player

  • A common feature of applications the Equalizer +:
  • Available 5 band Equalizer that you can set the frequency of the bass low to high
  • Easy to do direct audio player which is already available in the application
  • Playback mode directly from the background, you can continue to play the song while you can communicate with other applications.
  • Easy to search music from data storage
  • Available 10 preset equalizers based on different genres of music
  • Double click the option to quickly and easily reset the volume filter frequency
  • Features All to continue to listen to the song over and over again
  • “Random” feature: play the songs in random order
  • Volume control bass booster
  • Classic and elegant design
  • Provision of professional voice
  • A simple interface and user-friendliness
  • Windows visualizer: an animated audio spectrum already available in applications such as Windows Media Player on a long time. You can also display visualizer full screen in the node.

The application features Equalizer + Android music player it completes that you try to add the volume and when listening to music from Android phones.

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