The Best Email App for Android 2019

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The Best Email App for Android – In this modern technological era, email became one of the mandatory requirements for users of Android. Not only to register a Google account Play Store only, but email is also an electronic mail to send messages, documents and various types of files between friends, family, and colleagues. That’s why email is mandatory and you need the best email application to support your activities.

Remember email is a mandatory owned in modern times such as this, then we will give you information about the email application that can be installed on Your Android phone or tablet. Just go ahead, check out the review of each application!

The Best Email App for Android 2019

1. Gmail

Email App for Android - Gmail

Gmail is a very solid application. Because there are millions of users this email platforms that are scattered in different countries. Remember Gmail is an application developed by Google, then Gmail apps usually directly when you buy an Android phone. Default application for Android phones it seems to be a favorite for business travelers because it has a simple interface, Material Design, and very easy to use.

2. Yahoo Mail

Email App for Android - Yahoo Mail

Its founders came Yahoo email application is also quite comprehensive. You certainly can exchange messages through Yahoo Mail. However, before you can enjoy all the amenities provided, you have to register yourself to do sign up.

3. Microsoft Outlook

Email App for Android - Microsoft Outlook

Who does not know the Microsoft company? The company, famous for its world-class Windowsnya also introduces email application for Your Android. Microsoft Outlook, that designations for its founders came Microsoft email application.

Not much different from its competitors, Google and Yahoo, this application will also be ready to assist you in exchanging electronic messages via mobile phone. Not only that, but even Microsoft Outlook can easily connect with Your other email also. Also, you can connect with the calendar to schedule a reminder. Fairly complete? Download the application here.

4. Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail

Join the more than 1 million people who use Zoho Mail for their email needs. Zoho is referred to as the flagship applications in Product Hunt, The New York Times, CNet, TechCrunch, and Mashable.

With apps Email, Calendar, and Contacts that are already fully developed and combined in a single application, Zoho Mail is the most suitable application.

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Email Apps for Android - mail com

6. GMX Mail

gmx mail

7. Fastmail


Use the power and elegance of the FastMail interface on the go. Your email, contacts, and calendars stay with you on mobile devices.

8. Tutanota


Tutanota enables you to use the benefits of the cloud – availability, flexibility, automatic back-up – without compromising on security. With Tutanota’s built-in encryption you own your data, no one else can access it. Tutanota comes with a light & beautiful GUI, dark theme included, with instant push notifications, auto-sync, full-text search, swipe gestures and more.

9. AOL

Email App for Android - AOL

10. Yandex Mail

take advantage of all Yandex. Mail features with your phone.
Send messages no matter where you are.
Get push notifications about new mail.

With the Yandex Mail app you can:

  • send and receive messages with attachments;
  • use push notifications so you no longer have to check your mail manually;
  • search your messages;
  • manage your Yandex Mail for domain mailboxes.

That’s the list of 10 best Email App for Android 2019 we could give may be useful and good luck.

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