The Best Weather Apps for Android 2019

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Weather Apps for Android – Downloading a quality weather app for your Android tablet or smartphone is one of the first things you should do after getting a new device. The default Android weather app works well enough, but there are several good quality options available capable of providing a better service and a much more engaging experience.

The Best Weather Apps for Android Phones 2019

1. Weather & Clock Widget Android

Weather & Clock Widget Weather Apps for Android

The application of the most popular weather prediction is a Weather Widget & Clock by Devexpert.NET. As the name implies, this application will display the information time and weather conditions at the time.

Not only can you find out the weather conditions at the location, but the application can also display weather conditions from a variety of cities around the world. Information about the weather conditions will be displayed i.e. ranging from weather prediction these days and 5 days ahead, direction & wind speed, air temperature, and so forth.

Download: Weather & Clock Widget Android

2. AccuWeather

AccuWeather Forecast Weather Apps for Android

Further applications are no less popular was the AccuWeather. This application works with information on current weather conditions and six-day to the next. For the daily forecast, you can see fairly complete info, the start of air temperature, humidity, wind speed, direction & when Sunrise & sets, and so on.

In addition to displaying the current weather predictions, hourly, and, daily, this application also information on the radar. Overall with a variety of features and its accuracy, this application might be able to be right one time want to travel far to find out the weather conditions that you are headed.

Download: AccuWeather

3. GO Weather Forecast & Widgets

GO Weather Apps for Android - Widget, Theme, Wallpaper, Efficient

Almost the same as the application that resides on the first order above, android applications on the GO Dev Team X also presents the features of the widget so that it allows the user could see the weather conditions on the home screen to quickly without opening the application

The main features of this application, i.e. owned showing weather information directly in this day, weather forecast hourly and daily for the next few days, weather warnings, information on rainfall, wind conditions at the site. and many more.

An interesting application of this is there is a wide selection of widgets weather and more than 100 themes to choose from as you wish.

Download: GO Weather Forecast & Widgets

4. Weather Underground: Forecasts

Underground Weather Apps for Android

Create a traveler who often traveled far, knowing the conditions at a location on the go is one of the most important things because you can put off the trip if the weather is bad there or do other special preparations to deal with the weather there.

The features of which are the notifications to display weather conditions and the temperature of the current instant, summary information of weather prediction in 10 days, and more. For weather conditions themselves, the information includes temperature, humidity, speed & wind direction, visibility, and so on.

Download: Weather Underground: Forecasts

5. Weather


If 4 weather application on top of the previously present with a “crowded” because it contains information that detail. Android applications MacroPinch this crime comes with a simpler look by just showing the most important weather information.

Later you can see the weather conditions in the status bar, in summary, knowing the weather conditions in other locations, knowing the pressure-temperature based on the Celsius or Fahrenheit, and so on. In addition to the variety of information, there is also an animated feature that can show the weather conditions based on the location of that point.

And because of the look of the application looks simple compared to other competitors apps, this application file size is small and light use, namely 8.8 MB.

Download: Weather

6. Weather & Radar

Weather & Radar

Unlike the application of Weather Underground which can only display the weather forecast in the next 10 days, Weather Radar developed by & WetterOnline is thus can display weather information for up to 14 days ahead.

Just like other similar applications, in this application, you can also see the various information in the hourly or daily, such as; wind pressure, air humidity, and more. In addition, to be able to see the weather info in the application, you will also be able to see quickly through the widget and the status bar in a nutshell.

Not only that, this application is a free feature of radar to observe weather conditions in various parts of the world. And the most interesting, there is a feature for a selfie with a background in accordance with weather conditions.

Download: Weather & Radar

7.) Yahoo Weather

Yahoo Weather Apps for Android

From the application name to Weather this one maybe you already know who made it. Yes, is the developer of company Yahoo. These applications present quite different from other similar applications because it can display photos that match the location.

Other features of this application are owned i.e. weather forecasts in full for 24 hours in 10 days, a notification when the weather is bad, and more.

Download: Yahoo Weather

That’s her choice of 7 Best Weather Apps for Android is recommended androidroid. By using the applications, you can now determine the right time to travel or maybe do a variety special for facing less-friendly weather.

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