The Best Keyboards Android Apps 2018

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Keyboards Android – The keyboard is an important part of our activity for the users of the Android smartphone. The purposes of typing in all activities ranging from writing a message or chat, fill in the names list, to enter a keyword into the search engine certainly takes the name of the keyboard.

However, if you saturated with default keyboard smartphone which you use? In fact, a great many keyboards with a variety and excellence which could be an alternative for you to use. Here we provide a list of the best Android keyboard applications in the year 2018.

10 Best Keyboard Android Apps 2018

Best Keyboards Android

1. SwiftKey

Keyboards Android SwiftKey

Before the emergence of diverse application keyboard Android, SwiftKey keyboard is the most sought after. Fair enough, this keyboard has a variety of advantages among these amazing interfaces, auto correct, trace the accurate typing to a prediction for each word that is very helpful.

Download: SwiftKey

2. Gboard

Keyboards Android Gboard

Heard of him, surely we’re sure will guarantee the Google name is the author of the application Android keyboard. With the feature to trace very facilitating typing to do typing with one hand though.

Download: Gboard

3. Fleksy + GIF Keyboard

Keyboards Android Fleksy + GIF Keyboard

The keyboard is rather more simple designs which automatically also makes typing simple activity. Features of excellence are swipe gestures, in which one of them can swipe to the left to remove the letter.

Download: Fleksy + GIF Keyboard

4. Google Handwriting Input

Keyboards Android Google Handwriting Input

Different from the others, the application of this keyboard really make users can write instead of type. As the name implies, this keyboard is able to translate ‘ handwriting ‘ into a letter in our smartphones.

Download: Google Handwriting Input

5. Kika Keyboard

Keyboards Android Kika Keyboard

This keyboard focus to help us typing faster and fun. Kika Keyboard is packed with thousands of emoji, stickers, GIF and interesting theme which makes typing tedious is not possible.

Download: Kika Keyboard

6. Minuum

Keyboards Android Minuum

This Android keyboard application is unique and different from the others. Minuum allows us to shut down the space bar and make the arrangement of the letter seemed to fall apart like the picture above. Frankly, this keyboard is indeed devoted to typing with style rather than swipe type normal.

Download: Minuum

7. Cheetah Keyboard

Keyboards Android Cheetah Keyboard

Almost the same as the other keyboard, keyboard-Cheetah Keyboard features the auto correct and trace typing. In addition, the keyboard with the theme of the cheetah is already attached to this already supports advanced input methods.

Download: Cheetah Keyboard

8. Chrooma GIF

Keyboards Android Chrooma GIF

No, this is not special keyboard GIF. Chrooma true GIF is keyboard standard with the ability to access a GIF. This keyboard has a feature that lets users bring up the emoji or GIF only with just the swipe.

Download: Chrooma GIF

9. Typany Smart Keyboard

Keyboards Android Typany Smart Keyboard

One keyboard that also provides a variety of options for the theme you use on your Android device. In addition to a great selection of themes on a DIY Theme features, this keyboard applications also provide other fun features such as Emoji Maker, A.I. Powered Prediction & Auto-Correction and Expert Learning.

Download: Typany Smart Keyboard

10. Rainbowkey

Keyboards Android Rainbowkey

It is one of the applications of the keyboard with a selection of themes that are covering the 1,000 + theme keyboard and 100 + types of font alias letters. Pull it again, Rainbowkey also provides features for you to design your own keyboard design that you want, including using personal photos.

Download: Rainbowkey

That’s 10 best keyboards Android 2018 applications could be recommendations for you guys.

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