Best Free VR Games for Android Google Cardboard VR

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Best VR Games for Android Google Cardboard VR – Cardboard is a VR is best for you, the same technology really curious one is certainly a cheap cost. But it will be less if you just tried the application only and not tried, like what It’s the VR games. Curious? His explanation about the game for the best Android Google Cardboard VR.

Best Free VR Games for Android Google Cardboard VR

Best Free VR Games for Android Google Cardboard VR

1. BattleZ VR (Free)

BattleZ VR is a CardboardVR game an FPS (First Person Shooter). This game is a Zombie-themed, so when you play this game, then you will be invited to kill various types of zombies who already rule the world. This game also has a multiplayer feature support online.

Download BattleZ VR

2. InMind VR (Free)

InMind VR VR game is one that is popular to this day. Games Arcade-this will bring you to traverse the neural pathways of the brain, finding physical abnormalities and once you find it you are told to neutralize them so that the brain be fresh again. You can also play without a gamepad.

Download InMind VR

3. Voxel Fly VR (Free)

Another game similar to VR Temple Run and Surf Subway. Voxel Fly VR is a breakout game with the endless flow but in the form of VR. Through the city, avoiding traffic, and much more. You are also free to play this game because it is already available for free.

Download Voxel Fly VR

4. Wrong Voyage (Free)

Wrong game VR Voyage is a mix between a Puzzle and FPS. Here you will play as a seeker of rare objects. Discover and explore the ruins. But one thing that is annoying is you must have a controller to be able to play this game.

Download Wrong Voyage

5. VR X-Racer (Free and In-app Purchase)

X-Racer is the game VR with the theme of escapism. Simple enough for you to play, run, avoid obstacles, and get the most coins. This game is also available for free on the Play Store.

Download VR X-Racer

6. Need For a Jump (Free and in-app purchase)

Need For Jump was a little game where you have to continue to run and collect the coins. Games similar to Temple Run and Surf Subway use the movement of the head as the controller. In this game, there are also some premium items you can buy.

Download Need For a Jump

That’s a list of Best Free VR Games for Android Google Cardboard VR, If you have the VR Games for Android other, please tell us about them in the comments!

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