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Video Editing Apps for Android – Video recording is indeed easy yet when we talk about editing video, naturally became its own discussion. A good video editing applications able to turn a boring video into the video interesting and exciting to watch.

Of course, we know how hard it is looking for a video editing application for android let alone if we want to find a reliable video editing applications and is also free. The good news, we have been providing the best android apps for 9th edit of the video that is not only reliable but also can be downloaded for free. Check out the list below:

Best Free Video Editing Apps for Android


best android video editing application and best selling vidstich – If you are looking for the best Android apps to make a video especially for this app Instagram, could be an option. VidStitch video editing applications combine photos and videos in a single frame which you later can you share in your account Instagram.

More amazingly, you can also add a background sound in the videos that you create. VidStitch provides more than 50 frames that you can select. You can also set the size of the width, color, and degree Contras


VidTrim is a video editing application that is specifically made for your Android device. This application offers multiple features such as video trimming, video conversion, frame grabbing and much more. Upload your video creations result into social media sites could take quite a long time especially if the file is large.

VidTrim can adjust the video resolution that you create so that the size of the resulting video becomes smaller. VidTrim provided with Lite that allows you to set the resolution of the video you’ve created. So if you often upload videos thou handiwork into social media, VidTrim could be an attractive option.

6. WeVideo

WeVideo is the best android video editing application that allows you to edit your videos in your smartphone display that is easy to understand. You can choose from a wide range of themes, ranging from simple themes such tours up to the wedding theme.

Ye added voice in the video application you, and you can share it directly. You can also set the video settings you be private or public. All video files you create and share are in this application server so that you can edit at any time and wherever you want.

5. AndroVid Video Editor

best android video editing application and best selling Androvid
This is the best video editing application for editing video standard with features like trimming, merging, splitting, and transcoding. The application also allows adding text, song or even a video effect. All the standard features you need to edit the video exists in the rest of this. You can edit videos either from you or from your smartphone with high-quality video.

If you need a video editing application that can do all the features that are in the paid video editing application, this application could be an option.

4. KlipMix

Have you wondered how you can change the photos and videos that you have become an exciting new video? KlipMix allows you to combine photos and video with the background of your favorite songs into a video.

If there are errors in the editing process, you can edit them with ease. At KlipMix also you can set the duration of the video you want. Video editing applications using Android, you can create your own video without watermark.

3. VideoShow

VideoShow best Android is an application for editing video that allows you to combine photos and videos. This application comes with several features such as voice to video recording, multiple texts to video with video effects, timing, music, trimming, and also exporting.

2. VivaVideo

best android video editing application and best-selling viva video
Most of the applications that we have already mentioned just to be able to edit video, unlike the others, VivaVideo is an application that combines a camera and video editing applications.

This application comes with several features such as themes, filters, video effects, titles, and transitions as well. The application also comes with several features such as capture modes with several options like slow motion, fast motion, music video, and FX.

1. KineMaster

KineMaster is one of the best video editing applications nowadays that you can get for Android gadgets. This application has all of the features needed to edit video via the smartphone device you started from the color, saturation, brightness, up to the 3D effect. There are many themes that you can choose the background music and effects.

But the application has deficiencies, any video that you create will be marked with a watermark. If you want to remove the watermark in the video you make, you can get a paid version with a price of $2.99. There are many themes that you can choose in the paid version.

That’s 8 Best Free Video Editing Application for Android Options may be useful.

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