10 Best Fitness Apps Android 2018

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Fitness Apps Android – The sport is now no longer an activity only done some, but already a lifestyle most people. The number of successful gym keeps people flocking routine activities on this one, though with different purposes because there was a purely want to live healthily and there who just want to show off your alias exists in social media.

Exercise, especially fitness that was popular a few years back were in fact also need a budget. Getting a nice fitness center and facilities offered, the more expensive costs that must be incurred to fitness there. Whereas, in fact, you can do activities that even simply at home.

With the smartphone or Android gadget capitalization, you can do fitness which certainly does not have to spend huge cost. To that end, This time will love your tips about ten best fitness apps on Android that you can take advantage of to exercise.

10 Best Fitness Apps for Android 2018

1. Google Fit-Fitness Tracking

Fitness Apps Android Google Fit Fitness Tracking

The application called Google Fit will automatically monitor the activities you for holding your smartphone Androidmu. This application will also give suggestions for you to run, walk or drive according to your needs in every day.

2.  7 Minute Workout

Fitness Apps Android 7 Minute Workout

This application is the result of research and experimentation of a University named McMaster University in Canada. Named after the 7 Minute Workout, one of the best fitness application is really suitable for you who have a solid activity and a little spare time for exercise. It only takes seven minutes of your time, this application even provides a variety of tutorial exercises for some parts of the body such as the arms, stomach, etc.

3. RunKeeper

Fitness Apps Android RunKeeper

For you who really run hobby, then you should not miss this one application. RunKeeper is an application program designed for you a complete run. Ranging from scheduling, route, statistical data when you ran, until health information all of you was recorded completely.

4. Pocket Yoga

Fitness Apps Android PocketYoga

ye lovers of yoga? Or just want to start taking part but are ashamed to go to a yoga Center? You can do it at home with the help of this application. Pocket Yoga will give you the exact virtual instructor will teach thee the right moves. Amazingly, this application provides up to 200 yoga poses!

5. Water Drink Reminder

Fitness Apps Android Water Drink Reminder

Fitness or any sport is certainly important to bolster the body’s health and fitness. But never forget the intake for the body, one of the liquid. For you lazy’s drink (especially water), so you need this one application. Water Drink Reminder will monitor and control the habit of drinking you so so much better and fits the needs of the body.

6. Instant Heart Rate

Fitness Apps Android Instant Heart Rate

Everything that is not a nice fall indeed excessive, including sports. You actively do all sports activities without giving a pause or rest make your body can actually be bad. Application of Instant Heart Rate was created for you to know the limitations of the body through activities heartbeat. This application will detect and notify whenever you need a break.

7. Calorie Counter MyFitnessPal

Fitness Apps Android Calorie Counter MyFitnessPal

Avid fitness but could not keep his diet? You need an application called Calorie Counters to help you keep your eating patterns. These applications have a large database of more than five million food items. The application will detect the levels of calories in each meal you consume through the barcode, and Surely gives you recommendations if the calories are already too large.

8. Couch to 5 k by RunDouble

Fitness Apps Android Couch to 5 k by RunDouble

You include people who are hard to reach or meet the targets set at the beginning? Then you need this one application. Application of Couch to 5 k present to help you realize the target you created, in this case, to run as far as 5 kilometers within the deadline you specify. This application will provide data that helps you reach your target.

9. Endomondo Running & Walking

Fitness Apps Android Endomondo Running & Walking

The application of this one fact is almost the same as Google Fit. Endomondo is named, applications in collaboration with one of the most famous sports apparel, Under Armour, giving you a variety of data regarding the daily activities you like the number of steps walked, distance run, until the number of calories you.

10. Ingress

Fitness Apps Android Ingress

Different from the other applications, the application of this one more nuanced game. Ingress is creating a virtual map contains challenges and items hidden in various places, this app invites users to roam the neighborhood round walking or running, which is certainly good, as long as you create health remains be careful on the road.

That’s ten Best Fitness Apps Android 2018. Of course, you can take advantage of the above applications to improve fitness and health your body without having to spend a huge cost.

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