10 Best Alarm Clock Apps for Android

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Alarm Clock apps Android – The alarm is the object that we rely on to wake up on time aka not oversleep. If we used to wear the clock, now the Smartphones can already be used as an alarm. In fact, a wide array of applications with a variety of features available to users of Android smartphones.

Following the recommendation of 10 alarm clock application for your Android user. Of course with the variety of features that can be customized to the tastes and needs of each.

10 Best Alarm Clock Apps for Android 2018

Wake up on time so it doesn’t have to be a pain in the ass, especially when you are still very sleepy. Alarm Android apps below not just simply can make you wake up on time, but also can make you wake up more enjoyable.

1. Alarmy

alarm clock apps android Alarmy

Alarmy is one of the best alarm applications Play Store. Application of artificial Delight Room co. has been downloaded over ten million users of Android and got the rating belongs to satisfy, that is 4.7.

Effective enough to make users wake up, you are required to take a specific photo to be able to turn off the alarm. Certainly, you should really move and concentration to really wake up to you.

Download Alarmy

2. I Can’t Wake Up!

alarm clock apps android I Can't Wake Up!

Applications that are 99% successful wake you in the morning. If it fails, it is possible that you are fainting, coma even lost their lives. That’s roughly a review of those users who have used I Can’t Wake Up!

The application that created Kog Creations not only to awaken you, there are several modes you can select the alarm to turn the alarm off i.e. Shake Task, Memory tasks, Task barcode and some other mode.

Download I Can’t Wake Up!

3. Sleep as Android

alarm clock apps android Sleep as Android

More than just wake you, Android application called Sleep as Android has a variety of useful functions to its users. Urbandroid Team created this application to analyze sleep quality users.

image Additionally, alarm clock application that has been downloaded over ten million users it had Android features nature sounds to help you sleep hard. And for the hard-up, this application can change the alarm into a variety of challenges that make you concentrate and not fall asleep again.

Download Sleep as Android

4. Timely Alarm Clock

alarm clock apps android Timely Alarm Clock

Timely Alarm Clock is an application that you wake up without having to be told you to do challenges like any other application. Yes, this application is indeed more focused on strains of tone and look fun to make the morning its users more cheerful.

the image even though many who question its effectiveness, applications of artificial Bitspin continues to be one of the most popular with already used more than ten million users. She cried again, this app is one that is free of advertising.

Download Timely Alarm Clock

5. Wave Alarm

alarm clock apps android Wave Alarm

The application created in this android has a unique way to use it. Alarm Wave users, as the name implies it should wiggle smartphone with his hand until the alarm sound off. You will take time for a few seconds until the alarm sounds off and be assured, you will wake up and not sleepy anymore.

Download Wave Alarm

6. AlarmRun (Social Alarm)

alarm clock apps android AlarmRun

One of the most exciting Android alarm applications. AlarmRun also provides a challenge or a game to turn off her voice when you woke up. Excitement, this application will give you a score for each game and you can share (share) directly in social media.

Download AlarmRun

7. SpinMe Alarm Clock

alarm clock apps android SpinMe Alarm Clock

SpinMe is arguably the most application that requires effort users to turn off the sound alarm is on. These applications will demand you to stand and spin in place for some time. The movement you will be detected by the application until the alarm sounds off when thy movement already appropriate commands.

Download SpinMe Alarm Clock

8. Puzzle Alarm Clock

alarm clock apps android Puzzle Alarm Clock

WRO Claw Studio make a Puzzle Alarm Clock application that can awaken you in a way that is also not less pleasant. In addition to the repetition of the pattern and the math problem, the application also provides a fashion game maze until you literate.

Download Puzzle Alarm Clock

9. Rooster Alarm Clock

alarm clock apps android Rooster Alarm Clock

A time you’re little accustomed to waking up in the morning if it hears a rooster crowing? The application then Rooster Alarm Clock is the right choice for you. You can choose several options to sound firmly set in the clock display and the chicken is funny and interesting as the alarm you.

Download Rooster Alarm Clock

10. SpotOn Alarm for Spotify

alarm clock apps android SpotOn Alarm

Music lovers surely know the streaming application Spotify, isn’t it? Through the application of SpotOn Alarm, you can use your favorite songs as alarms that are chanted to wake you in the morning.

Download SpotOn Alarm for Spotify

That’s 10 best alarm clock apps on Android. Now you no longer need to experience such thing as late to the campus or to the Office because it is too late to wake up sleeping through. Which of the 10 applications on top of what you taste is best suited for you?

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